Small Businesses Bearing Brunt of Ransomeware Attacks

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RANSOMWARE IS A CONSTANT FOCUS OF CYBERSECURITY One of the sneakiest threats to your business’s data security is ransomware (aka malware).  This software is designed to lock you out of your technology until you pay a ransom, with the most recent payments averaging over $1 million.  This happens to major corporations, government entities, schools, hospitals […]

Negligence & Error Post Biggest Risk of Costly Insider Threat Incidents

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EVEN LOYAL EMPLOYEES CAN WREAK HAVOC Business leaders hear about Insider Threat and push it aside, feeling strongly that all of their employees are honest and well-intentioned.  So, of course, these leaders focus their data security program on outsider threats.  The truth is, though, even if all of their employees are trustworthy and loyal, they still […]