The right people. The right place. The right solutions.

TMPC is devoted to the empowerment of our employees, the success of our clients, and engagement with our community. Our employees are our most valued assets who pave the way for innovative solutions with unprecedented results for our clients. TMPC philosophy is founded by the principles of the right people, the right place, and the right solutions. Our pride results from fostering authentic client relationships, evolving our ability to empower our employees, and the ability to share knowledge with the community. We approach personnel management and client delivery as a fluid communication experience with a critical focus on fostering an environment that effectuates creativity, diversity, and ingenuity. This transparent ideology in corporate vision ensures we deliver the exact value a client is expecting. TMPC always completes the mission.

We are the Right People

We are the Right Solutions

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The people behind TMPC

Joe Teasley
President and CEO

Joe Teasley is a retired Marine with over 25 years of active duty military service. He enlisted in 1984 after graduating from Hephzibah High School. He was commissioned in 1997 and retired as an officer in 2014, serving in various billets and duty stations throughout his career including infantry, communications, military advisor, resourcing, and Special Operations. Joe is currently the CEO and owner of TMPC where his leadership and experiences provide the mission, vision, goals and strategic objectives for the company. He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia and obtained a Masters in Science in Telecommunications Engineering and Management from the University of Maryland and a Masters in International Relations from Salve Regina University.


TMPC is a certified SBA 8(a) SDVOSB company with rigid compliance and cybersecurity standards.

TMPC is currently certified with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO/IEC 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 20000-1-2011 with personnel certified in ISO/IEC 31000:2018.


“Given what I know today about the contractor's ability to perform in accordance with this contract or order's most significant requirements, I would recommend them for similar requirements in the future. TMPC places a high value on putting the right people in position to meet or exceed the customer's requirement and task leads with the requisite managerial skills to successfully complete the task to the customer's satisfaction.”


“The TMPC team has done and exceptional job under the current COVID restrictions in the installation of CONCUS based nodes at MacDill and Bragg. TMPC's management has been tremendous in maintaining oversight of this highly complex effort and has been terrific in supporting the SOCRATES PMO and J63”


“QUALITY: Overall the flexibility of TMPC to perform this task was exceptional. The contractor was able to work with the Government to perform this mission critical function completely successfully even with the impacts of the COVID-19 reduction in on-site support. This led to the ability for the Government to continue providing this support for the Command. The contractor performed all tasks with no corrections necessary from the Government, and the leadership of the task lead and contract PM were outstanding and executed in a professional manner that made them valued members of a critical SOCOM capability.”


    Career Management Associates of Iowa (CMA) joins the TMPC Inc. family as of 2022. CMA is an established Government Services Support sector of TMPC that focuses on personnel management and professional services support for the Department of Justice (DOJ), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS), and the Department of Agriculture (USDA). CMA possesses 20 years of providing support to the Government and recently moved its HQ to Tampa.