While many organizations focus security efforts on outside threats, it is often insider threats that cause mayhem, especially in critical infrastructure industries. The possibility is on eventuality and happens all the time, when an employee or contractor, using their access or insider knowledge to wittingly, or unwittingly, harm the organization.  These threats can include anything from malicious acts like theft, sabotage, or espionage to simple employee carelessness or policy violations.  These activities typically persist over time and occur in all types of work environments, including government agencies.  

TMPC can provide you with a formidable and efficient strategy to deter, detect, and disrupt these insider threats, so you and your team can focus on meeting your mission.

We’ll support the creation of policies, procedures and practices that protect your critical  assets, while creating a safe environment for all of your resources. 

We’ll set up a proactive approach to detect, identify, and assess any insider threats. Noticing observable, concerning behaviors is key, and we'll make sure you're prepared and knowledgeable.

We’ll set up a mitigation strategy that can disrupt an insider threat quickly and effectively before it becomes a major problem. Interrupting and managing threats is a requisite for your organization’s security.  Having a go-to response playbook will enable you and your team to act fast.